Our Story

Like most idea’s PURE started with passion – a passion for health and wellbeing. We realised that in Malta we have plenty of food options but often lack a healthy choice. PURE was born out of this need, a need for easy, on the go, healthy foods and drinks. PURE is for everyone who wishes to eat and live  healthier, cleaner and more consciously

To create our juices  and foods we use pure, natural and local produce – preferably organic! Getting Organic and keeping it affordable is a challenge in Malta – so it’s a good thing we like challenges. We do not add any sugar, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals or any other additives. We like to call our products: PURE Products.

Our Mission

With Pure we wish to inspire. To create a healthy and happy community in which we are able to see kids and grownups alike making healthier and more conscious food choices, slowly changing their consumption habits. This is why Pure is not simply a range of products but rather represents a lifestyle. To go back to basic with nutrition – pure, raw, local and organic. To focus on all the good food we are meant to feed our body.

Please join us in our mission!

Our Ethos

That what really matters and contribute towards our mission. These are important so we keep focus on that which we believe in and deliver that what we promise. All staff, customers and suppliers are made aware of our ethos and principles so we can grow together. Some examples of our positive commitment appear below – we are committed to an eco-friendly future and welcome creative ideas submitted by staff, partners and of course our customers.


PURE means without additives, sugar and other things your body does not need. It means transparency in everything we make and everything we do. We use fresh ingredients and whenever possible, local and organic.


PURE strives to make being healthy a habit. We want healthy foods to be accessible and affordable for everyone. We do this one step at a time and plan to keep on growing


You never stop learning. Nor do you you ever stop eating. But what and how we eat is often a learned habit. Just because we do not know better does not mean there is no other way. A healthy lifestyle starts with understanding and educating yourself.


Being healthy should be inspiring. It should not be a burden nor leave a bad taste in your mouth. That’s why we want to inspire you at our PURE stores and show you the beauty and fun of PURE foods. .

Pure Health


Pure encourages responsible integration with the local communities including the teaching of local foods, organizing events and supporting other related positive initiatives. We encourage responsible integration with the local communities and wish to contribute how we can towards communal projects.

Pure Health


Pure uses locally owned and maintained facilities with policies in place that favour local produce and services. Malta has much to offer and we like to use local and seasonal produce as much as possible. 

Pure Health


Pure is in tune with the natural environment as much as possible. We do what we can to help the environment and leave as little impact as possible. We also wish to teach people the same and support those companies with a similar mindset.

Pure Health


Pure stands for sustainable living, which means: consume less and ethically, use everything more efficiently, recycle when you can, meet your needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own, make something rather than buy it. It also requires the re-evaluation of our own goals, which involves the development of all our potentials as creative human beings.