Drinking our cold-pressed juice each day of your cleanse floods your body with vitamins and minerals and gives your digestive system time to rest. Cleansing releases toxins, and reboots your system, so your body can function at the optimal level of health.

3 easy steps to start your PURE Juice Cleanse

juice cleanse duration

1 day cleanse

5 bottles x 500 ml


3 day cleanse

15 bottles x 500 ml


5 day cleanse

25 bottles x 500 ml


We charge a deposit of €15 for each juice cleanse, This is why

juice cleanse start

Cleanses start every Monday

We have new juice cleanses starting each Monday. We recommend you do the juice cleanse on workdays since weekends are often packed with meeting friends and fun activities – including hard to resist foods and drinks.

Prepare your body before starting the juice cleanse. Read why

Book juice cleanse

Book Your Cleanse

Book your PURE Juice Cleanse by sending us an email with your details. Include your name, duration of cleanse, what date you like to start and from where you will be picking up your Juice Cleanse. You can pick up your Juice Cleanse from Pure Juice and Health Bar or Pure Living either in the evening at 20:00 PM or in the morning from 08:00 AM.

We only take a limited amount of juice cleansers a week. Plan yours in advance to avoid disappointment.

why juice cleanse
cold press juice benefits
juice cleanse preparation

You don't have to do a Juice Cleanse to enjoy our Juices

All our cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and nutmilks are also for sale at our Juice Bars. Want to try them out first? Drop by and let the taste surprise you. Not only are they very nutritious, they are super tasty as well!