Pure Juice and Health Bar

Always dreamed of a healthy fast food place? Well, come and visit Pure Juice and health bar. It’s the perfect place to pick up a delicious wrap, create your own nutritious salad or enjoy one of the amazing raw cakes. We are tiny but give a lot. We offer daily changing cold press juices, superfood smoothies and home-made nutmilks.

Pure Juice and Health bar is where our story started. This is where we opened the first cold press juice and health bar on the Maltese islands in may 2015. Many things have changed since the start and many things are still changing. All with the aim to get better and to supply healthy food and juices to people.

To get you used to our healthy vibe we offer all our clients a free ginger shot. This tiny shot of goodness will give you a direct energy boost and will certainly help fighting off any colds and keeping your both healthy.

Enough reason to give PURE Juice and Health bar a shot!

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