PURE LIVING is closing! Your last chance to visit us in this location will be Saturday 14th September

PURE living – the start of a healthy lifestyle

PURE Living is what we like to call our flag store. It’s one of a kind and more than just a healthy food place. At PURE Living we touch on different sides of being healthy and what is needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle, hence: PURE living.

pure living salad bar

Pure Salad Bar & Foods

Just like at Pure Juice and Health Bar, you can create your own healthy salad, sandwich or wrap. We have a big salad bar to choose from many different healthy ingredients. Besides that we have a changing menu with lots of healthy options like gluten free focaccia, fresh homemade soups and other hot foods.

pure living yoga

Pure work-out room

At Pure we have different types of exercise classes, yoga and even meditation classes. We know that together with the right food, the right work-out is also very important. That’s why we offer all round work-outs.  

pure whole foods

Pure Health Store

Of course we cannot always eat out, and having the right food at home is just as important. This is why we offer a health section where you can find different goods. From Organic Foods to Pure Natural Protein Shake and healthy teas . Our Health Store is still a growing concept and any ideas and suggestions are very welcome. Come and have a look inside.

Made from the heart

You are just a couple of steps away from a new healthy lifestyle. Drop by at Pure living and enjoy your free gingershot to give you a health boost. As with everything at Pure, we put our heart into the creation of this space. Check out our bar made by our own hands of recycled pallet wood, or custom-designed family table or our seats made from Gozitan wine barrels. Even our bar lights are recycled from Comino. Grab your favorite book and come enjoy our healthy vibe.